Tips for Getting Mortgage Quotes from Lenders

Some helpful tips for real estate investors about getting mortgage quotes from lenders when buying investment properties.

Tips for Getting Mortgage Quotes from Lenders

If you choose a random lender, you'll have a random chance of closing with financing. And in many markets, if your lender fails to perform, you as the buyer are in default (since your lender is not a party to the contract).

Wouldn't you rather have more certainty that your lender will perform and that you select a lender that will give you great service, with reasonable fees, and a great mortgage interest rate? Yes, it seems like a very reasonable expectation.

In this mini-class, James will go over tips for selecting and getting mortgage quotes from lenders.

Check out the video from this class here:

Tips for Getting Mortgage Quotes from Lenders - Video

In this class, James discusses:

  • The best sources for finding a great lender
  • Why choosing a random lender gives you a random chance of successfully closing on your property
  • Who is responsible if the lender you choose does not perform?
  • Tips for calling lenders
  • Should you have your lender pull your credit report?
  • Why you should you call all your prospective lenders on the same day
  • Lender questions to ask
  • Questions to ask about your lenders fees and their team
  • Getting references from your lender
  • Plus much more...

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Tips for Getting Mortgage Quotes from Lenders
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